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This is Ex’tent

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Ex'tent is the green venture capital company founded by the late Eckart Wintzen. Ex'tent was created to help stimulate the world's free market economy into a more sustainable direction. Ex'tent believes in a healthy society in which the need of welfare is satisfied by a virtual economy and more services rather than traditional materialism.

Since 1996, our small team of ex'perts has been giving advice and funding to enterprises working in line with our green mission. Currently we are not open for new investment propositions.

Since 2008 we are focusing on creating a 'wave' around Value Extracted Tax (Ex'tax in short), an idea inspired by Eckart. Ex'tax brings tax on resources up and tax on labor down. This enables sustainable prosperity, a type of prosperity based on smart resource use and an abundance of services. Please visit the Ex'tax website  to find out more.