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Our People

Our team members:

Clien Wintzen

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) The most recent addition to the Ex'tent party, but certainly not the least. Clien is our patroness. She provides a line with our beloved Eckart. Social engagement runs through her veins. But most importantly she adds a strong drive and true creative genius to the team. As an entrepreneur Clien has built experience with art directing company RC.
p.s.: RC has created the magnificent art work for Eckart's Notes!



Bram Zwagemaker

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) Bram has been Eckart's right hand in business for as long as we can remember. He is now the most senior to our crew (not just referring to his grey hair ;-). We are incredibly grateful for Bram having taken the Ex'tent crew under his wings. He's by far the kindest watchdog you'll ever meet. His mental arithmetic is faster than his shadow and Venture Capital is his middle name. Bram has been around the block once or twice in finance, at Kempen & Co, Intercai and BSO/Origin (see cv).

Femke Groothuis

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) Femke takes the lead in creating a wave around Eckart's ideas to make the free market economy more sustainable. As our Investment Officer since 1999 she has been guarding the Ex'tent green business philosophy. She has worked on financial and legal issues and must have read a zillion business plans. Life before Ex'tent included Political Science and Environmental Studies in Amsterdam and Kenya (hence the strong affinity with the Ex'tent green mission). A good number of years at Ex'tent have provided her a healthy dose of venture capital ex'perience.  Femke on LinkedIn  

José Pince van der Aa

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) José has been Eckart's PA during the last six years of his life. She was his all-time favourite, and we are lucky to have her on the team. José is one of those rare persons to keep her head cool when difficult tasks need to be fulfilled. Steadfast as a rock, she has managed Eckart's affairs and still does so for Ex'tent.


Frank Monstrey

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) Frank has a nose for investment opportunities and he's inseparable from his calculator. In short, he's our Mental Muscles from Brussels. Frank studied Managerial Economics in Leuven and he has worked for Generale Bank in Brussels, Shanghai and Istanbul. He then founded Probel, a corporate finance advisory and venture capital company. Frank has closed deals ranging from satellites in Siberia to ASP's in Amsterdam and believe it or not, he speaks Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Turkish and Mandarin Chinese.

Jan-Ru Muller

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) On Jan-Ru's to-do-list you will find chores like the evaluation, structuring and monitoring of investments. This guy loves to work with financial models and we love him for bringing his ex'cel-lent skills into our team. Jan-Ru started out with a degree in Electrical Engineering, studied Business Admin in Belgium and became Information Technology Consultant for several big players in the field of consultancy and technology. Jan-Ru joined Frank at Probel in 1999.

Lisette Schuitemaker

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) This lady is an unconventional thinker. Spiritual and gentle as well as powerful. Lisette is coach, connector and trainer (see Core Company ). In her work with CHE (Center for Human Emergence ) she contributes to creating a better world. Lisette is trained in Spiral Dynamics (no, that's not gaming) and she is a board member of FindhornThe Home Foundation  and smallChange. Eckart has left us safely in the healing hands of this dear old friend.


Eckart Wintzen (1939-2008)

Loading Flash (at least: trying to) In Fond Memory

Our world would have looked a lot bleaker without having known Eckart. He really knew how to enjoy life, friendships, business adventures and love. If you'd like to learn more about him please visit the memorial page to find his life story, the register of condolence and much more. Eckart has inspired many many people including us. He filled any room.